The Carlford Coven

An Eclectic Coven celebrating in and around Suffolk

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A Suffolk based eclectic group of Witches

The Carlford Hundred - one of the 21 hundreds of the county of Suffolk, situated in the east parliamentary division of the county, and bounded on the N. and N.W. by the hundred of Bosmere and Claydon; on the E. by the hundreds of Loss and Wilford; on the S. by the hundred of Colneis; and on the W. by the liberty of Ipswich. It contains the parishes of Great Bealings, Little Bealings, Brightwell, Burgh, Clopton, Culpho, Foxhall, Grundisburgh, Hasketon, Kesgrave, Martlesham, Newbourne, Otley, Playford, Tuddenham, Waldringfield, and Witnesham, and part of the parish of Rushmere. The hundred extends over an area of about 22,500 acres.

Follow the path to this most Easterly Shire, a land of low horizons where the Sun first rises, Kingdom of the Wuffingas, where marshes and heaths of the Sandlings subtly slip toward the North Sea shingle shores.

Where, long ago, strangers came cruising up the coast in their ‘yolls’ and settled to fish the glittering shoals of  ‘silver darlings’ and to farm the thin soils, leaving their wood-henges and tumuli.

Descended from this population of laconic sailormen is a notoriously hostile and unfriendly breed of farmers and fishermen, smugglers and cunning folk with an accent as miry as the mud creeks and brittle as the flinty shards of east-coast sunshine.

A resourceful, suspicious, pragmatic and superstitious race, hidden in scattered, pastel -coloured cottages and farms.

Icceni, Celt, Roman, Dane, Saxon and Angle have all helped to mould ‘Selig’ Suffolk.

Many a grey towered church marks a hill or well, sacred long before Fursa, Felix, Edmund and Botolph made a foundation.

Sea, river and fen form natural defences and Dragons fought to keep the boundaries - but where the sun sets, ditches and ramparts of great height were a bar to invasion across the Ickneild Way. The Devils Dyke, Fleam Dyke, The Black Ditches and the Bran Ditch kept out unwanted strangers.

The flowing tides sweep into a coastline of soft clays, sand and shingle revealing a network of hidden creeks, skirted by ancient trackways, drifts and lokes. The bitter east wind scourges the low, sandy cliffs. 

By day, under the vast sky, birchwoods, gorse, heather and flower be-spangled meadows reach down towards the narrow beaches of shingle, amber and flint. Sheep graze behind the sea walls; here is a land ‘Solitary beyond wont’ - enchanted by nuances of light and colour intermingled.

At night, in the eerie half-light, Jack O’ Lantern and Old Shuck guard the marshy fastness and lonely beaches, for here was not a Merman once pulled from the nets and a King of the Wuffingas lay undisturbed in his burial ship for thirteen hundred years.

Carlford Hundred is one of the 21 Hundreds of the County of Suffolk, an ancient necropolis of the Bronze Age, where once an Altar was raised to Corotiacus, Lord of the Thowers, mighty Axeman & Rider of the Heath and now is home to the Carlford Coven. We follow traditional ways, taking inspiration from our land and ancestry and here we share some of our thoughts and workings.

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